Diana, Goddess of the Hunt, is my persona in the lands of Nirn. Welcome to these Mad Realms where we escape reality and live in our world of fantasy role-play of The Elder Scrolls video games series.


Diana TES GotH sitting at desk with books and apple in front of chalkboard that says Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

My guides are structured for The Elder Scrolls Anthology PC games (ArenaDaggerfallMorrowindOblivion, and Skyrim along with all their DLCs). The ​TES Renewal Project led to more enthusiasm for modding these games. TES fans have merged the games into a more modern gaming engine (​Morroblivion, ​Skyblivion, and ​Skywind).

As you may have seen, many fans share their mod lists, but they are not all tailored for a beginning modder. Also, following such modlists can lead to disaster. It is important that users fully understand how to mod a stable game. Above all, install only mods you want to play. My style of play is more adventure/fantasy role play; therefore, I prefer graphic overhauls that add unique scenery and items. Others prefer more realistic, survival, and combat-style overhauls. My modlists accommodate all users with a blending of a variety of mods. However, would it not be nice to know how to mod your own game as you like?

Hopefully, after following my guides, a user will understand how to mod for themselves. ​GamerPoets​ is an inspiration for this style of instruction since he began putting out his STEP guides on GamerPoets -YouTube. ​


Most of my knowledge of modding was gathered from the ​STEP Wiki​ modding guides and ​Forums​. Tarshana and her team at ​Tarsh Gaming have also provided me with a wealth of knowledge. Now, I am hoping to “pay it forward” in a way with my instructional guides. So please, never hesitate to let me know where I should make improvements in my process. Those new to modding should leave here with a little more experience and understanding of how to mod your game your way and make it stable.

In conclusion, there are even more experienced modders who may catch something I have missed or did not fully understand. Perhaps they will be willing to share a bit of their expertise with us to help improve these tutorials.


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